Our Story

Welcome to Slices Brick Oven House! We strive to be Fresh, Fun, YUM! - meaning we go for high quality fresh items, creative and fun flavors, all held together in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere!

I, Bailey Jasper, am the owner and grew up in Moses Lake. I left for my college years where I completed a few degrees at Washington State University; Bachelors in Social Science, a minor in Hospitality Business Management and a minor in Business Management and Operations. Can I get a “Go Cougs”?! Upon returning to Moses Lake, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do.  I was certain that I wanted to be in business and knew I wanted to make a positive difference to our community some way, some how.  An amazing opportunity arose and I took it! I purchased what was formally known as Guido’s Brick Oven Pizza, and spent a year - slowly but surely - rebranding it into Slices Brick Oven House.

Why Rebrand?

Many have asked why the rebrand or why the name change, my answer to you is:  I wanted to bring something to this community that anyone, and everyone, could enjoy.  I am truly at my happiest when people around me are enjoying their time with people they care about, and typically good food brings people together for that! It creates fun memories! That being said, my focus was on “anyone and everyone”; regardless if you’re an all meat eater, gluten-free, vegan, keto preference, or a throw-it-all-on-there kind of person like me. I wanted this new place to have something for everyone. 

The brick oven difference.

The brick oven is so diverse, creating fun flavors has to be the best part about my job. I only hope I can grow this company into a bigger location, with more ovens, more room for people to enjoy themselves with the people they care about. I’m here to hopefully make a joyful impact to the community. I also hope to get more involved with our community after I get my feet on the ground with Slices. I'm looking forward to being more involved with the Chamber of Commerce and Moses Lake city counsel! I only hope to watch Moses Lake, the town I grew up in and love dearly, prosper and grow to its full potential! 

Slices Brick Oven House Owner, Bailey Jasper